The first annual “Unchained” bboy competition was held on Saturday, March 30th in Dallas, TX.

Michael Swalley, co-founder of Break Free, who runs the Dallas chapter of the ministry, hosted the competition at a church called Bent Tree Bible Fellowship.  The goal of Unchained was simple: to bless the bboy community of Texas, specifically the Dallas area through a 3-on-3 competition.

Through the generosity of our supporters, we were able to offering the following to those that attended Unchained:

–Free entrance to all who attended that day

–Free registration for the 3-on-3 competition

–Free “battle packs” to everyone who entered the 3-on-3 battle.  The battle packs consisted of an energy drink, food, and the gospel of John

–Free Bibles and other spiritual books

–Free bottled water for everyone

–Free sandwich coupon to Chick-fil-A for anyone who attended

–We offered a $600 3-on-3 prize money and plaques for the first place crew, and a $100 prize to the bboy who danced the hardest throughout the event (also known as a “cypher king”)

–We brought in a great DJ from New York, and also had three well known Judges, two of whom are internationally known and they both held dance workshops to teach the bboys in this area

Bboy Bishop, Unchained Judges, and the 3-on-3 winners Havikoro Crew

Bboy Bishop, Unchained Judges, and the 3-on-3 winners Havikoro Crew

About 200 people came to the event, and we had 30 crews enter the competition, totaling 90 bboys who competed, with bboys from Dallas, Houston, and Austin areas in attendance. A crew from Houston, Havikoro, took first place, receiving both the prize money and plaques we had for the winners.

Bboy Bishop sharing the Gospel.

Bboy Bishop sharing the Gospel.

Not only did we desire to bless people by giving away free things, but we wanted to share the gospel in a clear and powerful way on Easter weekend. After the preliminary rounds of the competition, Michael shared the gospel with the crowd. The vast majority of the bboys are not Christians, and as an answer to prayer,  most stayed to listen to the presentation! It was a huge blessing to see so many bboys attend the event, as well as hear afterwards how the event blessed them. Many commented on how great the event was and have asked us to do this again next year. We were encouraged by how many people, who never would have stepped foot in a church on Easter Sunday, were able to hear the gospel.  Considering this was the first event Break Free hosted in Dallas, we’d say it was a success!

Workshops were offered before the competition

Workshops were offered before the competition

View from the DJ booth.

View from the DJ stage





Thank you to all who prayed for this event and have supported Break Free in this outreach!

To see a video of Bboy Bishops’ message, click here:

Unchained Event Gospel Presentation