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The majority of urban men grow up with deep father wounds and struggle with identity, purpose and relationships. This brings generational destruction with no end in sight. 


Break Free engages men in the global Hip-Hop culture and provides Spirit-empowered communities, a new gospel-vision and discipleship to restore healthy families and churches.

How we Started

While breakdancing with a group of men in a Melbourne YMCA, Michael Swalley responded to the call to launch what would become a worldwide outreach.

Michael found that practicing the unique art of breakdancing with these men broke down emotional barriers and built trust. He listened as they confided in him. The stories all had a common theme: fatherlessness and a negative church experience.

Having struggled and overcome the experience of fatherlessness by having a healthy and healing relationship with his local church, he found himself in the middle of a sizeable Hip-Hop community that needed his gifts.

He then embraced a new vision: Holy Spirit empowered communities worldwide, healing from their father wounds, creatively and boldly advancing the kingdom.

Since that moment, Michael has led the charge to see Break Free established in eleven international cities.

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