About Break Free Ministries

We believe the family and church are the foundational ways God designed to bring life, order and security to our society through the living and preaching of the gospel. The increased absence of men in both areas has caused a devastating effect to society at its very core. Our purpose is to help rebuild these structures through rebuilding men. By engaging, transforming and sending the Hip-Hop community, we want to supply the family and church with passionate, Spirit-led men who will take seriously their role as servants and change agents.   


  1. Intentionally Engage
  2. Distinctly Love
  3. Locally Lead

Who We Are

Michael Swalley


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My name is Michael Swalley, aka bboy Bishop. I am an adopted son of God, born again at a young age through hearing the gospel. My wife (Ellen) and I live in the Chicagoland area and have three daughters and one foster son.

God has placed a passion on my heart for cross-cultural ministry, men embracing their role as husbands and fathers, and for racial unity. I started breaking at the age of 21. Initially, breaking was a fun hobby for me. But during an internship in Melbourne, Australia, I was fully introduced to the Hip-Hop community. Encouraged to start a ministry using breaking, I came back to the states in 2005 with a vision to see the Hip-Hop community passionately serving Christ.

In the last 12 years, I have lived in three major city centers in America. I have traveled the world and seen the Hip-Hop community in numerous countries. The time spent in these places has convinced me that Hip-Hop, through the power of the Spirit, is a uniquely effective method to make disciples. Local leaders serving in their local church, through the power of the gospel. That is my passion. Breaking is my method. God’s son is my identity.

Joshua Meza

Chicago, IL Chapter Head

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My name is Joshua Meza, aka bboy Spiritual Warrior and I am a messenger of the gospel. I started breaking at the age of 12 and gave my life over to Christ at age 14. I am from Elgin, Illinois. I gave my life to Jesus after a series of life and family challenges that left my family separated.

In the midst of the brokenness of my situation, I walked away from God a started getting into many unhealthy relationships. After finding myself empty from the sin I had committed, I made the decision to trust God to give me a fresh start. I’ve never looked back, only been moving forward!

Since that day, God has been continually blessing, disciplining, and growing me in the faith. Dancing is one of the gifts God has given me to spread the love of Jesus Christ to his children. God has given me many opportunities to travel, compete and connect with other breakers on a national level. I became a member of Break Free in November of 2015 and am fired up to see what God has planned next for the Chicago area and for our ministry!

Alvaro Alexander

Madrid, Spain Staff

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My name is Alex, I’m from Bolivia and I’m 24 years old. I’ve been breaking since I was 17. At that time I had a lot of insecurity and felt inferior. I trained a lot, but even after all the effort I put into it, I never really believed that I would be able to get somewhere with it.

A group who used art to make God known came to my city, Tudela. I had been looking for recognition, fame and money, but I saw something different in them. I liked what they did so much that I wanted to be apart of it.

Some time after that, I found out that a group like this was emerging in Madrid. They invited me to participate in one of their get-togethers. I learned that dancing is not the only thing and they challenged me to have a personal relationship with God. I knew God, but I had not experienced one of those moments of true transformation in my life.
But God truly found me.

Now I’m a part of this team. I work fulltime in the ministry, Impact World, in Spain. I love it because in these past 4 years God has brought many changes in my life, and he has given me a larger passion for the people of the Hip-Hop Community. One of the ways that God has showed me this is through Break Free Ministries!

I never imagined I could find people that were a part of the breaking community and at the same time have a passion for God and making disciples in a way that engages Hip-Hop.

I want to continue to see and be a part of what God is doing in this community!

Vicente Alvarado

Tokyo, Japan Ministry Partner

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I’m Vicente Alvarado, better known as Bboy Cente. I’m Honduran-American. I started breaking in the early 2000’s at the age of 14, although I never took it very seriously because I thought of it as just another hobby.

In 2009, I met Bboy Bishop and he introduced me Break Free Ministries. At that time, I had just re-dedicated my life to the Lord and the desire to serve Him was so new and beautiful. It was then that I heard the idea of serving God through dance.  It completely blew my mind and it  was at that point I realized what my purpose was in breaking.

Today I live in Tokyo, Japan with my wife and two daughters. We assist a small church through discipleship and breaking.

Jethnam Fabara

Chicago, IL Staff

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My name is Jethnam (Jetnam) Fabara. I live on the south side of Chicago (Little Village area) with my wife and son.

God drew me to the Lawndale/Little Village area a few years ago. I found my self working with Pastor Phil Jackson and the FireHouse Community Arts Center starting around 2011. The vision I see working with the FireHouse is for all youth to be welcomed and for them to learn what they’re passionate about. That’s also where I met Mike Swalley and found out about the concept of Break Free Ministries.

I started breaking in high school around 2004. I used breaking as a vehicle for healing from family brokenness and an outlet for my life. Ironically, going to different practice spots and venturing to farther places to dance is where I found out about Christ and God’s love through sessions and battles integrated into service and worship.

Although I put a heavy emphasis on breaking and dancing in general, I found myself yearning for more. I realized what was my missing was my relationship with God. I recognize and know now, that although dance is a part of me, it is not ALL of me.

Artem Usov

Kiev, Ukraine Staff

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Hey everyone! My name Artem Usov, aka bboy Artek.

I believe that God has called me to serve him by reaching my brothers and sisters from the Hip-Hop community. I was saved when i was 16, the same year I started breaking. I have a beautiful wife Olga, and newborn twin boys Martin & Levi. We are from the Ukraine, currently living in Kiev.

I have been breaking professionally since 2006. I have felt God wanting to use my art to serve him since my first performance at an outreach jam. My real journey with God started in 2014 when I was a student of SMS (Steiger Mission School) in Germany. I’ve been part of Steiger’s outreach tour (NLM) for over 3 years. More then 20 countries, 100 shows and 60,000 people have heard clear, relevant messages of the Gospel because of the work this band has been doing.

Since 2017, we have lived in Kiev and got involved a lot in a Hip-Hop community. Last year I took 1st place in one of the major breaking events in Ukraine, Breakidz. I am a member of Lost Law, one of top crew’s in Ukraine. Last year we started developing Saint Rockers crew, a group of people who believe in Jesus and have a Hip-Hop background.

Our eternal purpose to grow leaders in the Hip-Hop community with christian values. Missionaries with a passion for the broken world. We see breaking is a huge tool for God, and we want to use this tool to change the world.

Nathan Maliscke

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Staff

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My name is Nathan Maliscke, aka bboy Nate Crash and I am a messenger of the gospel. I started breaking at the age of 14 and gave my life over to christ at age 16. I am originally from North Dakota but moved to Minneapolis in 2015 to attend college at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

I gave my life to Jesus after a series of life and family challenges that left me and my sisters in a foster home. In the midst of the brokenness of my situation I made the decision to trust God and never looked back. Since that day, God has been continually blessing, disciplining, and growing me in the faith.

Dancing is one of the gifts that God has given me to spread the love of Jesus Christ to his children. God has given me many opportunities to travel, compete and connect with other breakers on a national and international scale. I became a member of Break Free in February of 2016 and am fired up to see what God has planned next!

Joseph Omondi

Nairobi, Kenya Staff

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My name is Joseph Omondi (bboy Drift). I am 27 years old and I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I’m born again and I love Christ. I was saved as a child, but I lost my way as I was growing up. My spiritual journey started when I was about 6 years old. My uncle introduced me to church. At this time in my life I lived with my mom and my mom’s siblings in the same house. I had never met my real dad until I was 18 and this really affected my childhood, and later on my teenage years going to my adult life.

I was in church from when I was 6 years to when I was 9. Then my mom decided to move in with my step-dad, who later on in life became very abusive to my mom and family. As a result of what I was going through at home, I opted to choose drugs as a way out. On top of that, my main goal in life was to train physically to defend my mom and myself from my abusive step-dad. My addiction got worse and I started getting in trouble with my family, to the point where I got arrested, kicked out of school and out of homes of close relatives who lived with me with the aim of giving me a better life.

My mom opted to take me to rehab. I was at rehab for 3 months and came out clean. Just before I went to rehab, my uncle brought me back to my childhood church. It had been ten years and I had been through a lot in life. I went back to school after my rehab. After I finished school, I joined Bible School. It was around this time that I started breaking. I have always had the desire to minister with this unique and universal culture. Bboying and hip-hop have been a very special part of my life and they have helped me in the journey of discovering who I really am. This is also an art form to express my worship to God. I now use this art form to minister to those practicing it and also other people outside of the culture.

I’m thankful for Break Free Ministries for making me a part of their team.




The authority and inerrancy of Scripture.

The Trinity.

Jesus Christ’s full deity and full humanity.

The spiritual lostness of the human race.

Jesus Christ’s substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection.

Salvation by faith alone in Christ alone.

The physical return of Christ.


*We have used Dallas Theological Seminary’s belief statements to reflect our own.