He didn’t start with, “Will you help me hide my weed?”

His first question was, “Can you come to my place after practice and help me move a few things?”

Later, after I asked him what we needed to move (We just practiced, I didn’t want to move a sofa bed!), he told me that he needed to hide his weed paraphernalia.


Me: “Wait, what?!”

Bboy: “Well, my dad is coming over tomorrow and I need to hide it.”

Me: “So you need me to come help you hide your weed from your dad?” (Is this really where I should be?)

Bboy: “Actually, I really just wanted some company.” (Yes, this is exactly where I need to be.)

I know this bboy well. Like most men we work with, he struggles with his identity. A big reason for this is because of the poor relationship with his father. His dad lives in a different country and has been absent for most of his life. It had been five years since he last saw his father. His dad was finally coming to town and wanted time with his son. Instead of bringing joy, his son was worried about hiding the areas of his life he felt would bring disapproval. This is not a story about weed. This is a story of a father/son relationship based in fear, shame and hiding.

He and I walked into his apartment and he went about his business of gathering all of the things he wanted to hide. As I sat in his apartment, I asked God to help me. Help me communicate about a Father who pursues us, knowing full well how messed up we are. Help me communicate about a Father who demonstrated His love, in the midst of our sin, hiding and fear, through the sacrifice of His Son. A Father who made a way for us to stop hiding and be fully embraced in His love.

During our time that night, I was able to share the gospel. The idea of unconditional love and grace hit his ears like a foreign language. He still does not believe. He also had a pretty rough time when his dad visited. He hid a lot of things and did not feel comfortable. It may be years until he sees him again.

Please pray for this young man. Pray he would believe. Pray that myself and our other missionaries in CO will be bold with our faith. Pray we love this man and the many like him. Pray that the love of the Father will be made known in the CO Hip-Hop community and that it will transform lives, families and cities!