Battle Tested 5 was booming with energy and hosted a wide variety of b-boy’s from across the globe. B-boys from Italy, Russia, Denmark, France, Mexico, Jordan, and all over southern California were representing.  This year was special for Break Free because the different chapters (St. Louis, Chicago) came out to spend time together with the Orange County BF chapter.  Break Free held different equipping workshops on evangelism, discipleship, finances, and member responsibilities. As far as the battle goes, about 50 crews signed up this year to see who would take the $3000 first place cash prize and who would get the $800 second place prize. Spee-d (unique styles), El nino (Floor Lords), and Venum (Skill Methodz) were the judges for the night who performed a surprise routine in the judges showcase!

The battles were super hype and high energy! After the long prelims, Josh Sazdanoff shared a gospel message on how America has turned its back on God. He expounded on sin is the root issue in all of our hearts and only the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ can save us from our sins. Around 15-20 people responded to the gospel by His grace!

As the battles progressed through night, the top 16 were chosen and the battles were really close! Many tie breakers took place which showed how close the competition was. The finals boiled down to Predatorz crew from Russsia vs Foot Clan (Denmark/USA) and it was intense. Predatorz crew ended up winning Battle Tested 5 deservedly so. Many great 1 to 1 conversations came about the gospel  with a lot of the b-boys. Seeds were planted to Muslims, Buddhists, and other religions that entered the building that night. “We preach Christ crucified.” – 1 Corinthians 1:23